The Woodlands Course

Lakeside vistas and cliff- and quarry-side tees add charm and challenge to this magnificent jewel of a course, which was carved nearly 35 years ago from what is now a mature hardwood and pine forest. Keep your cameras handy and your eyes peeled for badgers, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, hawks and eagles. As you chase birdies of a different sort, serenely beautiful water features mix with the lake and forest habitats to make the bird- and other wildlife-watching here truly exceptional.


Miss left at hole two, to avoid the 100-year-old stone quarry, which contributed stones to the magnificent decorative and  hand-laid walls on display throughout the Woodlands. Take a picture at clifftop hole three, of the breathtaking lakeshore panorama, your 65-foot drop from cliff to green (if you’re lucky) or both. Just after the turn heading to 10, look to your left from the cart path to discover a badger’s den, which looks much like a beached beaver dam – and if you’re lucky, spot the University of Wisconsin mascot himself.

The Greens on the Woodlands are bog and sloping, and a lot of fun! Like The Links Course next door, the woodlands is always in fine shape, and makes for a truly unique and varied 36 hole experience at The Golf Courses of Lawsonia.


This punishing course demands distance accuracy, which explains why Golf Digest readers called The Woodlands “one of the toughest courses you will ever play second only to Blackwolf Run” and “top five best courses ever played.”


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Hole #2

Hole #3

Hole #3 - Behind Green

Hole #5

Hole #6

Hole #7